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Dikranagerd also known as Diyarbakir

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Surp Giragos Armenian Church

Diyarbakir was Dikranagerd during the Armenian days

The Fortress wall at Dikranagerd is approximately 5 miles long.  It is surpassed only by the great wall of China.

Portions of the great wall

Views of the City from on top of the Fortress Wall

View of the Tigris River Bottom Land

View of the Tigris river and historical bridge

Larger view of the Tigris river and historical bridge

Top of the Fortress Wall

Inside the Fortress Walls

Following pictures are of Surp Giregos Armenian Church

Side View of the Church

Front View of the Church

The Interior.  The roof had collapsed and never replaced or repaired.

The main Altar

Many of the stones have Armenian writings

Narrow paths leading to the Church

Singing Der Voghormia, then Hyer Mer

Armen leads the Choir

Armen Solo, what a beautiful voice

Sona's ancestors were here.

Entrance into this magnificent Church

Sona at the main Altar

Sona reads the Armenian inscription.

Ready to leave Dikranagerd in our van