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Husenig aka Hussenig, Husenik, now known as Ulukent

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Video of Husenig Family history
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This is the town where my father, Nishan Jamgotchian, was born on 11/25/1896.
  He left Hussenig when he was 12 years old and made it to Jerusalem were he attended Surp Hagop Seminaries and became an arch deacon in the Armenian Church.  Following his graduation he was informed that the lucky Armenians had left Husenig.  Those who stayed were massacred.  He had been informed by other family members that his family probably did not survive.  His father was Garabed Jamgotchian and his mother was An-na (Ketchejian).
He had 5 brothers and 5 sisters.  His Grandfather name was, Rustigian.  They use to change their names depending on their profession.

Map of historic Husenig
Reference:  Bertha Nakshian Ketchian, In the Shadow of the Fortress: The Genocide Remembered (Cambridge, MA: Zoryan Institute, 1988)

Original Armenian Home.  Armenian Homes had the extensions with windows on most of their homes

They only want 100 Lira for this home

The future of Husenig

Looking toward Kharpert

The Kharpert Fortress is on top of this rock

At one time, there were homes on the up slope to the rock.  It is now all rubble.

Jemal gave me the Key to the town of Husenig
The Husenig Gang

A typical Husenig Family.  Most of the inhabitants in this area are Kurdish

Local residence giving us a history lesson

What a lucky Mez Mireg

Armen Aroyan, our tour guide

Sorry no Ipods, game boys, just a beautiful smile

New apartments in the background adjacent to Husenig

Local cemetery, no Armenian names.

End of Husenig, the large springs are where the green vegetation exists.  There are 7 spring in the canyon going

Some of the old with some of the new

Vons market and Mall in Husenig

New home

Leo just adopted 3 beautiful Husenig girls.

OK, I'll buy it, however they have to through in the car.

I'm leaving town, so they got mad.

Husenig from the Harput Fortress

Husenig from the Harput Fortress

Husenig from the Harput Fortress showing the new school

Husenig showing the rock wall at the bottom and the new apartments in the background.